What is The Birkman Method™?

What is the Birkman Method

In our experience, there are many beneficial behavioral assessments available today; however, The Birkman Method™ stands alone in many ways. Developed by Roger W. Birkman Ph.D. in the 1950’s, this tool provides information on individuals, teams, and organizations that includes:

• Natural leadership style and operating behavior
• Behavioral descriptions when individuals and groups are under stress
• Occupational and contribution information about best statistical fit
• Measurement of most motivating, rewarding work
• Most importantly, Birkman measures the type of environment and management style that will motivate the individual. No other assessment tool on the market today provides this information. We have found that measuring potential strengths is important to know about a person; knowing how to support and manage them is what is missing in management today.

The Birkman organization can provide technical information on reliability and validity and their research and constant rigor regarding the strength of this tool and the science behind it is an ongoing process. Psychometricians are full-time staff members whose sole responsibility is to provide the data to garner trust from their consultants and clients around the world.