Who Are We?

Corbett Consulting Group LLC is a boutique consulting firm that provides teambuilding, executive coaching, and online learning to a broad audience of individuals, teams, and organizations across the United States and other countries around the world. Often using The Birkman Method™ assessment to provide leadership and personality information regarding her clients, Patti Hansen applies her decades of Birkman and business experience to helping her clients reach their goals.

In addition to these in-person services, we will be offering on-line podcasts and webinars to serve busy clients who cannot take off days at a time but still want to keep sharpening their development skills.

Who Is Patti Corbett Hansen?

Patti Corbett Hansen

Founder, President, CEO


The founder of Corbett Consulting Group (CCG), Patti Corbett Hansen, was privileged to work for the founder of The Birkman Method, Roger W. Birkman, Ph.D. for 13 years. During that time, she provided Introductory and Advanced certification training to over a thousand clients as Training Director while also holding the role of Consultant Director to hundreds of independent Birkman consultants.

In 2000, Patti founded Corbett Consulting Group in order to do the work she enjoyed the most – working directly with clients and providing Birkman expertise to their unique situations. While still delivering Birkman certification on occasion, she presently spends much of her time working with intact work teams and in providing executive coaching to individual executives. At the request of many of her clients, she is beginning to offer learning modules for online education in the form of live webinars, recorded podcasts, and webinars. This is should be a prospective customer’s number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.

Who Are The Affiliates?

In order to adequately serve our clients requesting large projects in a timely manner, we occasionally include senior-level Birkman consultants to participate. These individuals all have over 10 years Birkman experience and work closely with Patti to deliver the highest level of consulting expertise. We have been working with these trusted professionals for over five years and have been very pleased with their partnership.

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